Division 10, 11 and 12


Decision Distribution America offers unparalleled depth and diversity in Divisions 10, 11 and 12 products.

Decision Distribution is committed to the entire process. When you alert us on a project, we will respond with a list of the items we would like to bid. We perform our own take-offs, and send our quantities to our manufacturers. Usually, we get pricing back from at least 3 or more companies listed in a specification. We use a formal RFQ and bench marking process to ensure we are getting the best cost from our manufacturers. Once we get pricing back from our suppliers, we make sure the lowest priced supplier can accommodate your delivery time frames for the project, and then submit to you the lowest, acceptable price for the item.  We are an authorized distributor for many routinely specified companies, so Decision Distribution’s America pricing is usually consistent with our non-minority competitors.

Division 10 Products – Line Card


Visual Display Specialties

    • Representing Polyvision, Aarco, Claridge, Nelson Adams, Marsh

Interior Signage

    • Representing Best Signs, ASI, APCO, Mohawk Sign Systems

Cubicle Track and Curtains

    • Representing Inpro, General Cubicle

Fire Protection Equipment & Access Panels

    • Representing JL Industries, Larsens

Lockers, Shelving, Wire Mesh Partitions and Locker Accessories

    • Representing Republic, Penco, Santana Comtec, Lyon, Bradley

Toilet Compartments (Metal & Plastic, Including Suicide Proof Products)

    • Representing Hadrian, Yemm & Hart, Santana Comtec, Ampco, Global Steel Partition, Knickerbocker

Toilet Accessories (Including Suicide Proof Products)

    • Representing Bobrick, SEACHROME, Toto, Bradley, AJ Washroom, American Specialties, GAMCO, Koala Caren Baby Changing System, Foundation

Architectural Products (louvers, sunshades, wall and door protection)

    • Representing Construction Specialties, Greenheck, Industrial Louvers, Ruskin.


    • Representing Poletech, American Flagpole

Projection Screens

    • Representing Draper, Stewart Filmscreen

Appliances, Commercial Laundry Equipment

    • Representing Frigidaire, Kohler, GE, Maytag and others

Coat and Hat Racks

    • Representing EMCO, Magnuson Group and others

Mailbox Systems [Postal Specialties]

    • Representing Florence 4C, Salsbury Industries


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